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Where I'm coming from…

Sculpture by the Lakes

is an experience of beauty and imagination set in the depths of the Dorset countryside, yet easily accessible from the A35.

Close encounters with raptors.

Experiencing working with nature in this way can be very cathartic for some…

I am a Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Supervisor working transpersonally, with extensive knowledge and experience of Shamanic healing at soul level. Practising in the area around Shaftesbury, North Dorset.

I went through all the conventional methods of training many years ago, culminating in an MA in Archetypal Psychology following many deep personal life-experiences including an NDE (Near Death Experience) at the age of 10. For me, learning is life-long and ever present and also continues through my work with clients.

I have many years experience in the business world and publishing…

Please ring 07939 030875  or email

for a free, informal chat or to make an appointment.

(Currently £45 per hour with some concessions).

Couples and groups also welcome.
I also facilitate a series of introductory Transpersonal Workshops if you wish to discover more about yourself. (see separate page above).

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