Shamanic studies

Journeying – Healing – Dreaming – Soul retrieval

Groups as well as individual sessions available.

This may include walking the path of the shaman in the beautiful, surrounding woodland; attuning to and being one with nature herself.

Please ring Ian or Paula on 01258 450404 or email if you are interested in participating.

Alchemical studies

A series of study days making use of the vast array of alchemical material and images available to us, including the series of twenty-two illustrations of the Splendor Solis

(MS. Harley 3469, British Library), as the basis of our studies.

The symbolism of alchemical images continues to "…profoundly touch our souls even some four centuries after they were first created, so powerful and archetypal is their content ".

(Godwin, Joscelyn. Translator. Splendor Solis. Phanes Press: Grand Rapids, USA 1991)

Monthly: dates to be arranged.

Please ring Ian on 01258 450404 or email to register your interest.

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Reiki Share

7.30 pm on the first Wednesday of each month.

Reiki shares are a necessity for anyone who is serious about their Reiki healing and who wishes to master and improve their healing art.

Please ring Paula Gwylfai 07432 549 924

if you wish to attend. £10 per session.