The Introductory Workshops

The three introductory workshops, created originally by Barbara Somers and Ian Gordon-Brown, have been the foundation and hallmark of Transpersonal work in the UK since the 1970s. Today they are as valid and life enhancing as ever, with a remarkable power to widen our horizons and illuminate our journey.

The series of four workshops needs to be taken in order and offer participants opportunities to explore their own sense of Self through creative work with symbols, imaging, inner dialogue and gestalt exercises.

The content of these workshops is consistent with the models developed by Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers; however the process may vary depending on the needs of the participants.

Workshop I
Approaching the Self – Personality Integration – TPW1 on the weekend of:

2016 – January 15/16/17 – April 1/2/3 – May 6/7/8 – July 1/2/3 – September 16/17/18 – October 14/15/16

2017 – January 27/28/29 – March 17/18/19 – April 21/22/23 – May 19/20/21
As a first step towards self-knowledge, we explore the nature of consciousness, look at our self-image, and through exercises and guided imagery encounter our sub-personalities with their often surprising characteristics, which unconsciously but powerfully dwell and act within us all.
A Gestalt exercise sheds light on how our body, mind and emotions relate to each other, and how their potential conflicts can be resolved.

Workshop II
The Masculine & Feminine Within Us – TPW2 on the weekends of:

2016 – 19/20/21 February – June 17/18/19 – November 25/26/27

2017 – to be decided …
The Universe rests on the equilibrium of the opposed but complementary energies of Yin and Yang, the feminine and masculine principles. The same energies operate within us. Each sex contains a fragment of ‘the other’, and in this workshop we meet, recognize and befriend our Inner Man/Inner Woman, Jung’s Animus and Anima. Cooperating with them releases fresh energies and can improve our human relationships.

Workshop III
Stages and Cycles of Growth – TPW3 on the weekends of:

2016 – 18/19/20 March and repeated 15/16/17 July

2017 – February 17/18/19 – June 23/24/25
In the Transpersonal worldview life is a journey that doesn’t begin at birth and doesn’t end with the death of the body. Its purpose is inner development and the fulfilling of our true potential. In this workshop we explore life’s cycles and phases – and their specific tasks – from birth to death, look at possible changes of direction, and discover the power and the risks of unconsciously projecting parts of ourselves onto others.

Workshop IV
Initiation and the Myth of the Journey – TPW4 on the weekend of:
2016 – 23/24/25 September

2017 – to be decided …

From time immemorial there have been mystery schools and centres of spiritual training offering seekers a path of accelerated development, a progressive initiation into new, expanded states of consciousness. The modern counterpart of initiation is individuation. Seen from a Transpersonal perspective, the path of initiation, both inner and outer, is the journey between the individual's first conscious response to the Transpersonal Self and full Self-realisation

The  Transpersonal  Journey  of  the  Soul

The prefix 'trans' means 'beyond', so when we say 'transpersonal' we are talking about something beyond our everyday selves — often referred to as the Self, with a capital 'S'. This 'Self', 'Soul' or 'Atman' is also known as the Higher Self. It is the part of us that knows on a deeper level what our life is about, and what aspects of ourselves we need to bring to the fore to express who we truly are.

Learning to access the supportive guidance of our Self is invaluable in our search to lead happier, more meaningful lives, and to fulfil the Soul’s purpose.

We can learn to listen to this guidance in meditation, in observation of nature and the natural world around us, and through our dreams as well as our creative processes of which these workshops may form a part.

Copyright 2016 Ian Thorp

A Series of Workshops followed by Self Initiation…

Philosopy  •  Journeying  •  Alchemy  •  Shamanism  •  Psychology

The Transpersonal Journey workshops – what you need to know if you wish to attend.

These workshops offer people seeking personal growth the chance to explore their own inner worlds, gain insight into their unconscious patterns, work towards freedom from the control of those patterns and thus find more meaning in their lives. They are an ideal introduction to the Transpersonal approach; no previous experience of this work is required.

Telephone 01258 450404 or email to book your place or to ask for more detail.

Each three day workshop costs just £160.

Friday 6 for 6.30 start until 10 pm.  Saturday 9.30 for 10 am start until 6 pm and Sunday 9.30 for 10 am start until 3 pm. This gives two full nights of processing and dreaming within the energy of the weekend.

We encourage shared Vegetarian lunches so please make provision to bring something to share for both days.

Please bring something to lie on and a pillow and blanket for the imaging sessions.

A certificate of attendance will be given for CPD purposes (14 hours per workshop).

Overnight accommodation in local guesthouses starts at £50 per night inc. a continental breakfast. We can send you links for you to book. You may wish to extend your stay before and or after the course, please ring to discuss your requirements.

Ian's Background

Ian is a qualified and experienced teacher, artist and musician, with training in Humanistic Counselling and Transpersonal Psychotherapy and a master's in Transpersonal Arts and Practice (Archetypal Psychology). He has held various posts within the Counselling Departments of Huntingdon and Melton Mowbray Regional Colleges, as a supervisor, trainer and moderator, and been a trainer for Dorset Adult Education following many years' experience in industry and commerce. He now works in private practice.

Ian trained in Transpersonal Psychology with Hazel Marshall, who had attended the original trainings run by Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers. At these seminars, Hazel had made thorough notes of the teachings, which, along with information gathered from sound recordings made at the time, Hazel edited as a series of four volumes. Ian designed the covers, some of the illustrations and the layouts which were then successfully published by Archive Publishing and are available worldwide today.

He has been facilitating and teaching workshops and experiential days in Britain and Ireland since 1994. He is a Reiki Master, Sechiem Master and has many years experience as a shamanic practitioner.